How do I become a Dynamics 365 Developer? Article 1 of 6

Throughout my short but exciting Dynamics career (now 6 years) multiple people have asked me the question: What should I do to become a Dynamics 365 developer? Or which resources can I refer to?

Before we talk about specifics, let me tell you my personal story. I was very fortunate to be hired as one of the Senior Developer for one of the world's biggest consulting company. (At the time I was already an over certified .NET coder with 15+ years of Software development experience.)

In the consulting world, your chances of growth (or staying employed) are directly related with the portfolio of technologies you have been exposed to. The more you know about different frameworks, programming languages, etc... better your chances of advancing your career.

In this particular company, I was presented an opportunity to work with either Sharepoint or CRM Dynamics 2013. After quickly choosing Dynamics, I set out to learn about its SDK and other tools used for development.

Bringing my experience to today's reality. If you really want to become a Dynamics professional you will have no shortage of resources.

So my first tip to you is to make use of the freebies offered by Microsoft:

  1. Learn about what CRM systems are used for. (
  2. Spin off a Dynamics 365 Trial. (
  3. Currently there are 5 Dynamics CE Apps. (Sales, Customer Services, Field Services, Project Service Automation and Marketing). Cruise through them, learn how they function and relate with each-other. Below are a few links that will help you get a general idea of the feature set in each app.


Customer Service :

Field Service:

Project Management:


On the next article, I will talk about the framework and technologies behind Dynamics 365.


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